For Cabins, Tiny Houses, Shepherd’s Huts etc

Urine Management

If you are in a fixed location (as cabins, etc) you have a choice with how to manage your urine ‘output’.  In the UK, unless you are within 10m of a water-course you can divert the urine from the separator into a ‘soak-pit’. A soak-pit is a relatively small hole in the ground filled with gravel into which you pour your urine. The surface of the gravel cultivates microbe that feed on the nutrients/minerals in the urine and disperse cleaner water into the surrounding soil.   If your local regulations or hard ground don’t allow this, or if you’d like to keep the urine to use as a fertiliser then you can use either an internal tank or external tank.

Solids Management

The most effective way to deal with solids on land is to capture them in a solids tank and then ‘decant’ into a close ‘humane’ compost bin.  People product very little solids and a double compost bin arrangement will produce some excellent compost for use around your trees, the garden or with fruit/bean plants.  Four people using the compost toilet (and no-other) will only fill 250L-300L over a year.

The basic idea is to have two compost bins – each ion which large enough to take two years to fill.

  • Year one/two – fill bin one
  • Year three/four – fill bin two
  • Year five – empty bin one and use compost as you need
  • Repeat


Ventilation is quite straightforward. The Kildwick toilets include a versatile ventilation system that m