For Vans

Urine Management

Unless vans are in a fixed location for long periods and can befits from an earth-based ‘soak-pit’ you’ll need to contain the urine within your vehicle until you can dispose of it legally and responsibly.

Kildwick Waterless Composting Toilets For Vans
White flat Kildwick Kabin with Versa-vent I vents.

In addition to recognising that you need to keep urine inside your vehicle, you also need to make sure that urine doesn’t spill onto your bathroom floor (for reason of hygiene/health) or under your floor where it may rot the base of your van.

The best solution is to have a bottle contained /inside/ the toilet and, furthermore, to have a bund (leakproof enclosure) to make sure that accidental overspills do not get onto your floor or into your bilge.  You can have an external tank but this becomes more difficult to empty (you need to find a suitable drain/pump-out location) and this may freeze in winter.

In this regard Kildwick compost toilets offer significant benefits over other toilets in that we:

  • Include a sturdy, self-contained, easily-emptied urine container
  • Urine container is made from leach-proof anti-bacterial plastic which slows down bacterial build-up and helps to keep smell at bay.
  • An option of diverting the urine to an external tank if this is appropriate for your installation.
  • Have bases that are 100% leakproof guaranteed for life – an accidental bottle over-fill will not get into your bilge.


Kildwick Waterless Composting Toilets For Vans  Whilst warm/moist urine and ‘poo’ won;’t necessarily smell beyond a level of ‘musty wood’ it will create a certain level of humidity which can cause condensation and potentially lead to smells. Kildwick offers the most versatile and comprehensive approach to  ventilation available and includes:

  • Below floor vent taking a flexible hose below your vehicle and directing it backwards to ensure air it drawn out when you are moving.
  • Cabin-side using the flush fitting that you won’t create wind-resistance and noise.
  • Low profile roof fitting urine with requirement for only a  small-diameter hole
  • Refillable carbon filter which sits inside the toilet and vents into the bathroom.