Gloss White Urine Diverter - now made with compost-friendly non-leaching antimicrobial additive.

* Now available for delivery though your local Argos using eBay 'Click & Collect' - contact us.

A fabulously effective and smart urine diverter that looks great, is easy to install and easy to use & keep clean.

Kildwick separators have a fantastic level of product satisfaction from simpile family use up to large toilet blocks in off-grid campsite across the world.

This model (Kompact) is designed to fit beneath the toilet box lid - the Klassic sits above the lid/beneath the seat and provides a more 'traditional' toilet look.

Developed to work well with both men and women, these diverters have many great design features:

Separator Design Features

Whilst no separator can guarantee 100% urine collection, this unit has been designed and tested for both males & females to maximise efficiency.  In particular, the design has the following features:

In Use:

  • Large enough to fit neatly under standard toilet seat
  • Strong enough to avoid breakage during shipping, fitting and use.
  • Rear ‘lip’ to reduce chances of urine flowing back into the bucket, onto the floor or down the underside of the separator.
  • Internal and external spout dimensions offering several plumbing options (see later)
  • Special recess for standard 60mm ‘strainer’ (supplied) to enable use of waterless urinal blocks (some supplied) and to prevent cover material from accidentally blocking the plumbing
  • High shine, easy-clean, surface resistant to most non-abrasive cleaning chemicals
  • To collect and minimise spillage from both male and female ‘wee patterns.
  • It's easy to trim to shape - fibreglass is not brittle and cuts easily with an angle grinder or hacksaw - filing or sanding the new edges smooth is quick! T

Simple, Flexible Installation

With the Kompact separator, DIY compost loo builders have a choice for plumbing the urine outflow! You'll be relieved to know that the Li-Loo separator offers the following eight plumbing options:

  • 34mm Plastic Compression (Waste)
  • 32mm Plastic Push-Fit (Waste)
  • 32mm (1 1/4”) Internal Diameter Reinforced (Corrugated) Flexible Pipe - secured with Jubilee Clip
  • 28mm External Diameter Copper or Plastic Pipe
  • 28mm Spigot - Push Fit
  • 28mm ‘End Feed’ Copper Stub for Neater Spout Stub, 28m-33mm Pipe Attachment or for Soldered Copper Fixing
  • From the 28mm copper or plastic pipe you can reduce down to 22mm piping but I wouldn’t suggest going any thinner (such as 15mm) as the flow may be too restricted.
  • Direct to bottle (draft!) with bottle openings from 30mm upwards!

You can even use the 32mm pipe into a shower sump pump to take the urine to a remote/large container or soak-away.


What’s it Made of?

This high quality urine diverter is made from glass fibre - a product that is commonly seen in bathtubs and which is incredibly strong and hard-wearing.  In addition, it creates a surface finish that is both shiny and resistant to most non-abrasive cleaning products. As a hand-made product there may be minor blemishes on the surface, however, these will not affect the overall look and function of the product in use.

Where are They Made?

Our workshop and manufacturing facility is on an off-grid small-holding in the beautiful area of North Yorkshure in the UK.  Everything is hand made and carefully checked before shipping.


The shape is designed to fit under a conventional toilet seat but will works well with the smaller 'Thetford' style seats available from us.

27cm Wide (side to side)

15cm High  (top surface to bottom of spout)

17cm Deep (front edge to rear edge)


The diverter (all dimensions including the spout) can be further trimmed safely using a hacksaw, angle grinder or other saw suitable for GRP. Any edges or curves can be created using files, sandpaper, belt sanders etc.


What's in the Box?

  • Glass Fibre Separator with High-Gloss 'Easy-Clean' Surface
  • Removable 'Strainer' for holding urinal blocks and to help prevent sawdust getting into the bottle/pipework.
  • Three Urinal Blocks
  • Neoprene seal for front edge
  • Fixing kit with small screws and cup washers
  • Instruction/information booklet
Dimensions 270mm (Wide) x 170mm (deep - front to back edge) x 150mm (High)
Colour White surface & rear
Spout External Dimensions 31mm-33mm - Spout is tapered
Spout Internal Dimensions 28mm - 31mm - spout is tapered - file/cut off the spout until you reach the right size for your fitting

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Kildwick Kompact Urine Diverter - White

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