Design Philosophy

It’s been said before that to make something complicated is easy but to make something simple takes genius.  Our design philosophy is to keep things as simple as possible – you wouldn’t want your toilet to fail whether it’s your only one or just for weekends!

At Kildwick we have a design philosophy that directs all our product development, manufacturing techniques, materials na processes. This philosophy keeps the focus on the customer experience:

Kildwick Waterless Composting Toilets Design Philosophy
Woody Guthrie knew that keeping it simple takes effort
  • How will the toilet be installed?
  • How will it be cleaned and what can we do to make that simple?
  • What can break?
  • How can we prevent bacterial/critters from ‘joining in’?
  • What can we do to make the toilet durable?
  • If something does fail, can the toilet still be used with a little ‘adjustment’?

Sadly, other toilet types, such as chemical/cassette toilets and macerator/drop-though toilets haven’t given much thought to this!

We also believe in the Japanese philosophy of Shibui – that there is elegance and joy in simplicity and in the variation of natural, or crafted, products. The woods we use have such natural variation and our process to create robust composites retains the

uniqueness from our manufactured products.

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