What is SteriTouch Anti-bacterial Additive?

Kildwick Waterless Composting Toilets What is SteriTouch Anti-bacterial Additive?  SteriTouch anti-bacterial additive is the ingredient we use in our plastics, resins and gelcoats resist microbial, fungal and mould growth.

Below is a PDF with more information on how it does it but here are a few questions answered:

Why do you use SteriTouch anti-bacterial additive?

Clearly a toilet has a higher risk than almost any other product of harbouring germs and we felt it our duty to make our products as safe for our customers as possible.

On what parts of your products do you use SteriTouch?

All separators (Kompact & Klassics), Toilet linings, Kildwick-branded liquids and solids tanks

Won’t it prevent the urine or solids from being used as fertiliser/compost?

Absolutely not – SteriTouch is an silver-based ionic material that kills bacterial, mould etc on its surface by damaging cell respiration.

So if it doesn’t kill all the bacteria – why use it?

  1. It renders the surfaces of all those that contain it much safer to handle.
  2. It means that you can use very gentle cleaners, just as water sprays and wipes knowing that the surface is there to help protect you.
  3. It also helps to protect all the surfaces from  long term damage and staining.

How long with it last?

The developers claim a life in excess of ten years

Will it wear off the surface?

NO! The additive is contained through the material so a scratch just exposes the body which also has the additive!

For more information from SteriTouch.  PDF: SteriTouch – All you need to know

For test results of Kildwick gelcoats and resins: PDF: SteriTouch Antimicrobial Test Report – Kildwick – 0001