The Kildwick Family of Toilets

The Kabin

Kildwick Waterless Composting Toilets The Kildwick Family of Toilets
White Kabin with Mid Oak Seat

The Kabin is craftsman-made from start to finish using our own unique combination of natural woods and Lloyds-approved glass-fibre, gelcoats, resins and anti-bacterial additives. This approach provides a lightweight product and allows versatility of textures, stains, colours and other finishes on the outside whilst providing a water-tight antibacterial easy-clean interior.

Because of the time to takes, together with high-demand, there is often quite a long delivery time (see product page for latest figure) – but these are ‘forever-loos’ – antiques of the future and definitely worth the wait.

The Koodle

Kildwick Waterless Composting Toilets The Kildwick Family of Toilets
A Collection of Koodles

This is our baby and probably the smallest urine-diverting compost toilet in the world.  This, again, is craftsman-made from end-to-end using similar materials and processes to the Kabin.  As a small toilet, this is ideal for smaller boats and vans – but its mobility means you can use it wherever you need the convenience of an extra toilet.  Inspite of its small size it sports the same solids capacity of 23L as the Kabin but has a smaller urine tank of 4.4L, though we’ll be extending this quite soon to around 7.5L with a new Kildwick designed anti-bacterial bottle..

Due to there being less work involved to make the Koodle we can offer this at a great starting price and you can even add a range of customised colours to make a unique product just for you.  Delivery times are generally lower than for Kabins – see the product page for more information.

The Konstrukt

Kildwick Waterless Composting Toilets The Kildwick Family of Toilets
A small collection of Konstrukts

We designed the Konstrukt to solve multiple issues. The main aim was to have a product that was available far more quickly than the other two – almost immediately for the self-assembly version – so for those who really can’t wait for a Kabin or Koodle, this is a viable way forward.

So for those of you who really want a Kildwick but just can’t wait – the Konstrukt in it’s basic form offers delivery as a ’flat-pack’ kit (Ikea-style) that you can sand, paint/stain/oil/decorate to your heart’s content. Obviously it also offers a Kildwick to those on a tighter budget but it’s not just about delivery time or price.  Many of our customers are creative souls and may be inspired to create their own imaginative design/colour – they may even be inspired having seen one of Maria’s ‘Kildwick Kouture’ designs!

If you want a Kildwick in a rush but would like us to assemble and professionally finish it, then the delivery time is around two weeks at the moment.