Kildwick Toilet Hygiene

As a team of boaters who live full-time off-grid we’ve experienced the worst that off-grid toilets have to offer and we are sure that most of you will have too! So what about Kildwick toilet hygiene?

Kildwick Waterless Composting Toilets Kildwick Toilet Hygiene
Hygienic disposable paper modesty flap

First of all, examples  of bad toilet design…

  • Small ‘poop-chute’ hole resulting in lots of mess to clear up!
  • Modest/fly-trap not easily removed for cleaning/replacement
  • Lots of surface edges outside and in
  • Poor methods for dealing with overflows resulting in urine, or worse, inside the toilet or over your floor
  • Plenty of places for bugs, crawlies and bacteria to hide & thrive making it difficult to maintain hygiene

Ok, so what makes Kildwick toilets so hygienic ?

Having lived with all the above problems for over fifteen years, we looked long and hard at what it would take to make our toilets the best available. Whilst there are lots of little details the ‘big picture ‘ items are:

  • Inside is as simple as possible with little or no places for bacterial to hide.
  • The base is a ‘monocoque’ structure making it 100% leak-proof
  • Inside as smooth and shiny with few, if any ledges, making it very easy to wipe down
  • Extensive use of SteriTouch anti-microbial additive in materials that may have contact with urine or faeces including:
    • Urine diverter
    • Hard gelcoat toilet lining
    • Kildwick Delta 10 urine bottle
    • Kildwick Kube 23 Solids Tank

      Kildwick Waterless Composting Toilets Kildwick Toilet Hygiene
      Versa-Vent II Fly Screen Vent
  • Urine separator with a large ‘poop-chute’ reducing soiling under normal use and using material with similar properties as porcelain whilst being lightweight and durable
  • Option of disposable ‘modesty flap’ hiding the solids bucket – if it gets soiled just put it in the bin!
  • Specially-designed stainless steel fly-screened vents and toilet seat control airflow whilst minimising risk of flies.

So, there you go, Kildwick toilet hygiene is built into every product!